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From Homemaker to Influential CEO: The Inspiring Journey of Anasuya Gupta


Anasuya Gupta, the Chairperson & Managing Director of CICO Technologies Ltd., has gained significant recognition in recent years. CICO Technologies Ltd., a prominent construction chemicals manufacturer in India, holds the distinction of being the country’s oldest brand in the field. Initially starting her career as a teacher, Anasuya later became a homemaker.

However, circumstances led her to assume the leadership of CICO Technologies Ltd. as a third-generation entrepreneur, where she has demonstrated remarkable capabilities. Despite her numerous accomplishments and accolades, Anasuya remains grounded and humble.

Her entry into the business was unplanned, prompted by the passing of the company’s promoter and her husband, Mr. Amit Gupta. Anasuya’s remarkable achievements are a testament to her dedication and successful execution of entrusted responsibilities.

Her qualities as an exceptional leader, characterized by her intellect and effective communication skills, make her an invaluable asset in her profession.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Anasuya indulges in various interests, including golf, horse racing, and singing both Rabindra Sangeet and old popular songs in Hindi and English. A staunch advocate of gender equality, Anasuya’s vision revolves around empowering women and ensuring equal opportunities for them.

She actively collaborates with several organizations to advance this cause. Additionally, she is involved in promoting organ donation awareness through the Amit Gupta Foundation. As the MD and promoter of a third-generation enterprise, Anasuya assumes the responsibility of fostering progress and prosperity among families associated directly or indirectly with the business.

They prioritize the “Future-Proofing” of construction sites and structures, a reflection of their commitment to longevity, durability, and the safeguarding of human lives and buildings.

Upholding the Legacy

Anasuya Gupta, when she embarked on her journey as a businesswoman in 2008, had a dream. Her aspiration was for the company and brand to maintain their position as the foremost choice in the industry. She aimed to uphold the legacy and make a positive impact on the lives of the people they catered to.

Anasuya Gupta considers the repurchase of 45% of the company’s shareholding from venture capital partners as one of her notable accomplishments. This achievement holds significant personal significance for her, especially considering the circumstances surrounding her assumption of leadership. It has played a crucial role in maintaining the company’s prominent position in the industry.

Overcoming Failures

Anasuya Gupta acknowledges that failure is an inevitable part of life, be it for individuals or enterprises. She believes that facing failures multiple times has made her more resilient and driven to achieve success. Each failure has taught her valuable lessons, allowing her to rectify past mistakes and approach future situations with a calmer and more thoughtful mindset.

Above all, she has learned the importance of accepting any given situation or people, regardless of whether they align with her personal views or not. Despite all the odds she considers taking on the challenge of running CICO as the best decision she ever made. 

Honesty, Compassion and Conviction

Anasuya Gupta upholds a set of ideals that encompass honesty, compassion, and the courage to stand by her convictions. These principles serve as her guiding values in both personal and professional aspects of life.

Anasuya emphasizes her commitment to standing up for what she believes is right. She recognized that certain systems and methods that worked under the leadership of Mr Amit Gupta might not be suitable for her own leadership style.

With the utmost consideration for the brand’s reputation and its longstanding contributions to society, Anasuya made decisions aimed at upholding these values. Her ultimate goal was to maintain the organization’s reputation and preserve its positive impact on society.

Anasuya’s Take on Success

Anasuya Gupta reflects on the effective strategies and initiatives she has implemented to achieve success. Being a homegrown organization that prioritizes its people, decisions are based on experience and knowledge.

Since Anasuya lacked personal experience, she introduced systems, upgraded IT infrastructure, and implemented stringent HR measures, which have yielded positive results. This ongoing process continues, with the ultimate goal still a distant one.

Anasuya emphasizes self-satisfaction. Success, to her, encompasses accomplishing daily goals, whether it’s fulfilling a personal desire or closing a significant deal. She believes that success extends beyond an organization’s financial performance and is also measured by the ability to impact and make a difference in the lives of others.

Anasuya rejects the notion of defining success based on short or long-term benchmarks, emphasizing the importance of dedicating oneself to doing the best in every endeavour.

Talking about the success of the company, Anasuya expresses profound gratitude to the entire CICO family. Overwhelmed with emotion, she finds it challenging to articulate her appreciation without a lump in her throat.

Anasuya acknowledges the exceptional teamwork of the CICO family and also credits her two children, Ashmita and Abhiroop, as they have significantly enriched her life.

Seeking Inspiration

Anasuya Gupta finds inspiration in every efficient homemaker and mother. She believes that if she can replicate their qualities in her professional life, she can acknowledge her own achievements. Anasuya expresses gratitude to her friends and family, as their homes and children have shaped her ideas on how to run both her business and personal life.

When asked about the impact of her professional life on her personal life, Anasuya sees it as an enrichment rather than a negative effect. She does not believe that her personal life is adversely affected by her professional commitments.

On the contrary, she feels that her ability to manage time efficiently allows her to give her best to her family and friends. The lessons learned from running a business, particularly the value of efficiency, have proven immensely beneficial in her personal life.

Future Plans

Anasuya Gupta’s future plans entail passing on a more proactive organization to the next generation, surpassing its state when she assumed leadership. Though the plan may seem vague, Anasuya and her team, in collaboration with their partners, are tirelessly working on multiple parameters to achieve this objective.

Their determination drives them to expand their geographical presence while enhancing product qualities and incorporating superior technologies.



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