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Manjari Joshi: Bridging Realms Through Language and Media


In the sphere of Indian television broadcasting, Manjari Joshi stands out as an esteemed TV newsreader and anchor associated with the public service broadcast network Doordarshan. Going beyond her on-screen presence, Joshi has made a lasting impact on literature, journalism education, and cross-cultural understanding throughout her multifaceted career. Her estimated net worth is $5 million.

Early Life and Education

Manjari Joshi’s educational journey commenced at Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in New Delhi. Pursuing academic excellence led her to Miranda College, University of Delhi, where she graduated with a degree in Chemistry (Hons). Later, she shifted her focus to Russian studies, earning her post-graduation from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Proficient in translating Russian to English and Hindi, Joshi has not only contributed articles to newspapers but has also extended her expertise to the field of television journalism.

Literary Contributions

Joshi’s literary prowess transcends her television career. She translated the works of Abai Kunnanbev, contributing to the publication “Selected Works of Abai Kunnanbev” in 1995. Her translation work, alongside other notable contributors, underscores her commitment to fostering cultural exchange and understanding.

In 2002, Joshi added another dimension to her literary achievements with “Bharatiya Sangeet ki Parampara,” a contribution to the National Book Trust, delving into the tradition of Indian music. Her exploration of cultural themes reflects a profound appreciation for India’s rich artistic heritage.

Educational Initiatives

A testament to her dedication to nurturing the next generation of journalists, Joshi has co-authored educational books in collaboration with Prof. Hemant Joshi. “Writing for Media” (2011), “Fundamentals of Journalism and Mass Communication” (2011), and “Communication for Development” (2011) exemplify her commitment to imparting knowledge and skills in the realm of media and communication.

Career at Doordarshan

As a TV newsreader and anchor at Doordarshan, Joshi has become a familiar face, delivering news to millions of viewers. Her articulate delivery and composed demeanour have earned her respect in the field. Beyond merely presenting information, she has contributed to the public’s understanding of national and international events.


Manjari Joshi’s journey, from a student of chemistry to a respected news anchor and literary contributor, showcases her versatility and intellectual depth. Her role in bridging cultural gaps through translation, educating aspiring journalists, and presenting news on a prominent platform like Doordarshan reflects a lifelong commitment to the world of media and communication. Manjari Joshi remains an influential figure, shaping narratives and fostering a deeper understanding of diverse subjects in the public sphere.



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