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Meet Preeti Agrawal: Petville’s Owner and Companion to Furry Angels


Despite the progress made by women entrepreneurs in overcoming societal barriers and limited opportunities, they continue to face resistance rooted in traditional mindsets. These women often encounter challenges in their social roles, lacking support and motivation from their families, which limits their potential.

In India, there are a few inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs who defied the odds, believed in themselves, and succeeded in breaking free from societal constraints. One such remarkable individual is Preeti Agrawal, the founder of Petville, a venture dedicated to serving the furry angels that enter our lives on paws instead of wings.

Preeti’s journey began with a profound love and care for animals when she adopted and rescued a cat named Snowy and a dog. Their unconditional love transformed her life in the most beautiful way imaginable.

Reflecting on her childhood, Preeti shared with TBW, “As a child, I was not allowed to be around cats and dogs due to hygienic concerns. However, my curiosity about these animals grew over time, fueling my fondness for them.

Now, my furry companions are my three-year-old son’s best friends. Every day, they teach me to see the world differently and love unconditionally. The bond I share with these companions is as enduring as any earthly connection can be. The more I get to know them, the deeper my love for them becomes.”

The Petville Journey

Raising a pet is akin to raising a child, and it all begins with their first paw imprints on the floor. When Preeti embarked on this journey, she had no foolproof plan but a deep desire to do something meaningful for these four-legged friends.

The wagging tails, sniffs, and barks served as her motivation to establish Petville. Initially, Preeti faced challenges in understanding proper pet care and finding the right pet food. She often felt dissatisfied after visiting pet shops, where she was frequently misguided.

Over time, Preeti realized the importance of educating pet parents about the dos and don’ts of pet care. With the well-being of these furry family members in mind, Preeti founded Petville in 2011 with the aim of guiding pet owners in making the right choices for their beloved pets and promoting pet adoption.

Petville’s store is always filled with the delightful sounds of sniffs, grunts, wagging tails, and wet noses. The team at Petville understands their clients and their pets, assisting them in selecting the best products and providing valuable advice.

Petville goes beyond simply selling pet supplies; it also addresses various pet-related queries that pet owners may have when their new companions enter their lives. Petville’s focus is on quality, recognising that it is the foundation of any successful business. The store offers world-class pet products, including pet food, accessories, and supplements.

Preeti reflects on her initial apprehensions, stating, “It seemed like a significant risk at the beginning, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Overcoming my fear of failure was a personal accomplishment.” Initially, Preeti faced incorrigible and unethical competition that made her feel defeated.

However, she refused to give up. Women in leadership face numerous challenges, some of which stem from others, but the biggest challenge often comes from within themselves. Women must have confidence in their abilities to do anything that anyone, regardless of gender, can achieve. Preeti persevered, starting from scratch and working her way up.

There was no time for self-pity; she had to be prepared for what lay ahead. By continuously seeking feedback from customers and employees, Preeti was able to make improvements to Petville. Gradually, everything fell into place.

She attributes her success to her parents for instilling moral values, her family, her team, the animal welfare activists tirelessly caring for distressed animals, and all those individuals who selflessly care for stray animals in their communities, providing food and vaccinations without expecting anything in return.

Pillars of Petville’s Future

Preeti has laid the foundation for Petville based on the following principles:

Never stop learning: Constant improvement is crucial for remaining competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Dive deep into your work: Stay attentive and open-minded, exploring all aspects of your industry.

Unity is strength: Building a strong team is essential for success, encompassing employees, manufacturers, partners, vendors, and more.

Customer is king: Understand the needs of your customers, offer them the best products available, and actively seek their feedback for continuous improvement.

Never compromise on quality: Petville always works with the best manufacturers and uses pet-friendly materials, refusing to stock any product that may harm pets’ skin or well-being.

Organise events: Petville is the only pet store in Pune that organises events for pet parents, providing a platform for them to interact with each other and spend quality time with their pets.

For Preeti, success means achieving her purpose, which is to make the world a better place for furry babies in terms of food and living standards. She believes that society needs to accept women as capable of accomplishing anything, ensuring that success is not determined by gender.

Preeti strives to reach more people and convey the message that pets are also beings deserving of a good life. She emphasises the importance of caring for stray animals, quoting Mahatma Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Preeti embodies the ideal balance between her personal and professional life, maintaining a positive attitude and exploring every opportunity that comes her way.

Petville’s Commitment to Society

Petville actively assists NGOs in promoting stray animal adoption. Preeti firmly believes that any business is incomplete if it fails to contribute to society. Petville’s goal is to reach a wider audience across India and make a significant difference in the welfare of animals.

This commitment extends beyond offering niche products; Petville aims to spread knowledge and awareness. Additionally, Petville plans to enhance its online presence, ensuring pet owners have a rewarding experience.

Preeti passionately supports pet adoption, firmly stating, “I truly believe that a stray dog or cat is as valuable as any pedigree animal. The worth of stray animals should not be diminished simply because they are strays. They deserve love and care.”

Preeti Agrawal is an inspiration, demonstrating how passion and dedication can lead to remarkable achievements. Her journey with Petville serves as a testament to the power of compassion and the need to create a better world for both humans and animals.



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