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Anamika Khanna: Pioneering Creativity, Tradition, and Elegance in the World of Fashion


Anamika Khanna, a distinguished figure in Indian fashion, has etched her legacy with inventive designs and an illustrious career. Born on July 19, 1971, in Jodhpur, she not only redefines fashion but also introduces an avant-garde approach to Indian textiles and techniques. Her remarkable journey from a classical dancer and painter to a renowned fashion designer is truly extraordinary. This article explores Anamika Khanna’s career trajectory, her impact in Bollywood, her distinctive design aesthetic, and the array of accolades she has earned.

Career Highlights

In 1998, Anamika Khanna embarked on her fashion odyssey, swiftly gaining acclaim for her distinct creations. In 2003, she showcased her bridal collections in Pakistan as part of Bridal Asia, signalling her global presence. The year 2004 witnessed a significant milestone with the launch of her international label, “Ana Mika,” taking her designs to runways worldwide, from the Lakme Fashion Week’s Grand Finale in 2004 to the prestigious London Fashion Week.

Khanna’s designs, notably her cowl-shaped dresses reminiscent of Mahatma Gandhi’s dhoti, became iconic, earning her recognition from esteemed institutions and publications. Her association with Harrods, a renowned British department store, further solidified her global footprint. Renowned Bollywood celebrities such as Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and Deepika Padukone have graced red carpets adorned with her creations.

Celebrity Affiliations

Anamika Khanna’s influence transcends the runway, with a plethora of celebrities showcasing her ensembles. Sonam Kapoor, a regular wearer of her designs, made stunning appearances at Cannes and other high-profile events. Jacqueline Fernandez, Mira Rajput, and Sonakshi Sinha, among others, have captivated audiences on the red carpet by donning Khanna’s creations. Even international icons like Oprah Winfrey have been seen in her outfits, highlighting the universal appeal of her designs.

Impact in Bollywood

Beyond the runway, Anamika Khanna has left an indelible mark in Bollywood by designing costumes for various films, including “Mausam,” “Fashion,” “Aisha,” and “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.” In 2015, she served as the costume designer for the lead actress of “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo.”

Notable Shows and Distinctive Style

Khanna’s versatility is evident in her participation in Lakme Fashion Week, Wills Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, and India Couture Week. Her distinctive style seamlessly merges traditional Indian craft with modern elements like zardozi, dhoti-pants, shararas, and lehengas. She has pioneered innovative draping styles for sarees, including the tulip drape, wavy drape, and two-pallu drape in dhoti style.

Awards and Achievements

Anamika Khanna’s achievements match the brilliance of her designs. In 2007, she became the first female Indian fashion designer to showcase her collections at the Paris Fashion Week. Her collaboration with British Retail Giant Harrods after participating in the London Fashion Week in 2010 underscored her international acclaim. Additionally, her philanthropic endeavours, including raising funds for Tata Cancer Hospitals’ children’s wing and the Akshay Patra Foundation, showcase her commitment to social causes. Recognition from awards like the FICCI Ladies Organization’s Young Woman Achiever’s Award, Bharat Nirman Award, and Hello! Hall of Fame Awards further cement her stature.


Anamika Khanna’s journey from a classical dancer and painter to a leading fashion designer is a testament to her remarkable talent and ingenuity. Her ability to seamlessly blend traditional Indian elements with modern silhouettes has left an enduring impact on the fashion industry. Adorned by Bollywood celebrities and international icons, her creations reflect an innovative and unique approach to fashion. With a string of awards and accolades, Anamika Khanna continues to be a driving force, shaping the global fashion landscape.



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