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Aakanksha Gupta: Pioneering Change and Empowering Success in the PR Industry


While it is commonly believed that women are outperforming men at all levels in today’s society, it is important to recognise that the contributions of women to the development of a nation have often been overlooked.

This is particularly evident in developing countries, where the presence of women entrepreneurs who make a significant impact on the country’s economy and contribute to nation-building is rare. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the substantial contributions made by women entrepreneurs in India.

By highlighting the collective efforts of women in the country, we aim to underscore the wide-ranging positive outcomes that have resulted from their increased presence in the workforce. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of women in the workplace, driven in part by their entry into the economic system to compensate for the male earning capacity lost due to the two world wars.

This rise in numbers has led to women occupying a much broader range of occupations, particularly in the corporate sector.

Aakanksha Gupta, the founder of The Other Circle, has made a remarkable name for herself in the Indian corporate sector and is a well-known figure in the field of PR and Marketing Agencies in India.

The Other Circle

The Other Circle, a prominent firm specialising in optimising public relations solutions for a wide range of enterprises, was conceived by Aakanksha Gupta. The company has successfully served numerous clients in the hospitality, lifestyle, and e-commerce industries.

Aakanksha leads a team of talented and enthusiastic young professionals at The Other Circle. She remains actively involved in every aspect of the business, from the smallest press note to important client meetings.

Providing PR and marketing solutions for the hospitality, lifestyle, and e-commerce sectors comes with its own set of challenges, but The Other Circle has overcome these obstacles by adopting a customer-centric approach rather than a traditional product-centric one. By thoroughly analyzing clients’ business needs, industry trends, and overall requirements, the company delivers tailored, cost-competitive, scalable, and robust solutions.

A Dream Realised

Aakanksha Gupta, the visionary behind The Other Circle, had a dream that began taking shape four years ago. In 2013, she observed that communication patterns in India differed significantly from international standards and trends. Determined to understand this phenomenon, Aakanksha embarked on a journey, albeit slightly disillusioned with societal expectations at the time.

She refused to believe that one had to conform to a predetermined image to contribute meaningfully to society. Instead, Aakanksha firmly believed that honesty, intent, and knowledge, supported by hard work, were the true ingredients for success. This belief became the driving force behind The Other Circle—an endeavour focused on telling people’s stories rather than merely being part of an exclusive circle.

Aakanksha aspires to amplify her impact in the days and years to come, dedicated to the pursuit of sharing more stories through The Other Circle.

Milestones Achieved

Aakanksha Gupta takes pride in her accomplishments, including the loyalty of her first clients, the high success rate of restaurant launches, and building a team of equals. The trust placed in her by clients, the recognition received by launched restaurants, and the collaborative team she has built stand as notable achievements in her journey with The Other Circle.

Aakanksha Gupta reflects on her significant achievements. The enduring loyalty of her initial clients stands out as her greatest accomplishment, despite starting with no team or office. Now, with two beautiful offices in Bandra and a team of fifteen people, their continued trust is a testament to her success.

Additionally, 70 per cent of the restaurants launched by The Other Circle receive nominations for prestigious awards like the Times Food Awards. Lastly, building a team of equals has been one of her notable accomplishments, recognising the crucial role of teamwork in leadership.

Overcoming Challenges

Aakanksha Gupta acknowledges that she experiences failures on a daily basis. Initially, it was challenging for her, given her strong academic performance and consistent ranking at the top of her class. Dealing with failure was not a natural process.

However, as time passed, she learned to approach failures as valuable lessons. Aakanksha now adopts a mindset of constantly seeking lessons in every situation she encounters. Furthermore, she has developed resilience over the past year, becoming more thick-skinned and maintaining her focus even when faced with failure.

Success for Aakanksha Gupta

Aakanksha emphasises two crucial strategies for success. Firstly, she highlights the importance of meditation as a means to eliminate unnecessary baggage and maintain mental clarity. Secondly, she strongly advocates for the establishment of a healthy support system.

In the initial stages, rather than solely focusing on building a billion-dollar company, Aakanksha believes it is vital to prioritise creating a supportive ecosystem that nurtures growth and provides a foundation for success.

When asked about the sources of her success, Aakanksha Gupta credits two influential figures in her life—her father and her father-in-law. Her father’s resilience and strength have greatly influenced her character, imparting valuable life lessons. On the other hand, her father-in-law’s kindness and selflessness have taught her the importance of giving without expecting anything in return.

However, when it comes to attributing her success, Aakanksha wholeheartedly attributes it to her team. Recognizing the collective efforts and contributions of her team members, she acknowledges their dedication and hard work as instrumental factors in achieving success.

Future Plans

Aakanksha Gupta reveals the future plans for The Other Circle. One of the upcoming endeavours is the launch of a research wing, aiming to transform the agency into a hub for circulating trends, white papers, and valuable insights. This expansion will further solidify its position as a knowledge-driven entity.

Additionally, The Other Circle intends to establish a financial wing in the near future. This new arm of the agency will provide financial services specifically tailored for startups and both first-time and existing restaurant companies. The services offered will encompass daily financial management and accounting, supporting these businesses in effectively managing their financial operations.

Biggest Challenge to Female Leadership

Aakanksha Gupta faces the challenge of being taken seriously in a male-dominated world. Societal expectations after marriage, assumptions based on age, and gender biases hinder her in senior leadership positions.

However, she remains focused on her goal of being recognized for her excellent work and competence. Aakanksha confronts these challenges with determination, emphasizing that her hard work compensates for any lack of experience.



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