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Empowering Growth and Unwavering Support: The Journey of Kiahra A Punjabi


Most individuals, whether they hold positions of leadership, management, teaching, or are professionals in various fields, often find themselves immersed in jobs primarily to meet their physical needs. They tend to overlook the exploration of their areas of interest and innate talents that could enable them to excel and make significant contributions to society.

Their primary focus on pursuing high-paying jobs not only leads to poor career choices but also has a detrimental impact on their daily lives. Doubts about their abilities arise, resulting in a subpar performance in the workplace, leading to a life filled with unhappiness and frustration.

Consequently, their bewildered minds drive them to seek numerous avenues in search of peace. It is during such moments in their lives that they require someone to guide them along the right path that leads to success.

Kiahra A Punjabi, a renowned life strategist, emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals facing such challenges. She inspires and encourages them to embark on a journey of self-discovery, delving deep into their interests and skills, allowing these innate qualities to guide their career aspirations.

Based in Bangalore, Kiahra is a learning strategist and co-founded Sankalp Academy alongside her husband, Amit Punjabi, in 2007. Their mission is to empower and enable individuals to achieve progressive results in all areas of life by helping them unlock their true potential and nurturing it.

Sankalp Academy offers a diverse range of training and coaching programs, as well as conferences, designed to assist individuals in strategising their lives using cutting-edge methodologies such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), People Skills, and Experiential Learning.

Kiahra’s journey into the world of facilitation, training, and coaching began in 2006 while she was pursuing her own education. During this time, she keenly observed the confusion and despondency experienced by individuals when it came to their ambitions and the path to achieving them. She tirelessly analysed various attitudes that fostered self-actualisation.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind establishing the academy, Kiahra explains, “I realised the immense value that the world of facilitation can add to an individual’s growth. I understood that with the right mindset, tools, resources, and skills, people could attain the success they have always yearned for.

After witnessing the tangible transformation in people through facilitating conversations in a few sessions and workshops, I simply knew that this was my calling. It was then that Amit and I decided to establish Sankalp Academy.”

Recognising the inevitable challenges that lay ahead, Kiahra and her husband braced themselves for the demanding journey of entrepreneurship. They understood that achieving early success would pave the way for the long-term prosperity of their academy. With this awareness, they assumed their respective roles to initiate their operations.

While her husband took on the responsibility of being the public face of the organisation, engaging with potential clients and stakeholders, Kiahra made a deliberate choice to become the foundation, the solid support system behind the scenes.

Her primary focus was to establish a strong and enduring groundwork for the academy’s growth. She believed that providing the right kind of support, even in the face of challenges, was crucial for the organisation’s survival and effective development.

Expressing her perspective on her role, Kiahra states, “It’s easy to support a cause or contribute to an organisation out of excitement, but understanding the nuances of providing the right kind of support and actively generating it can be extremely challenging.

As a businesswoman, this was my vision—to place pure focus on generating and adding value to my work and providing the necessary support that would enable an organisation to not just survive but thrive.”

As Kiahra anticipated, she encountered failures in some of her early initiatives. However, she recognised that these setbacks were stepping stones to success and growth.

They taught her the importance of seeking guidance from mentors before executing plans and avoiding premature judgment of the potential outcomes, whether positive or negative.

Reflecting on this, she shares, “I’ve learned that sharing my thoughts and plans with experts and mentors provides me with a clearer understanding of what to expect and how to move forward. It not only keeps me grounded but also ensures that I make informed decisions as I strive for further achievements.”

Driven by her desire to foster an environment conducive to effortless and organic success within her organisation, Kiahra remains motivated to learn, enhance the value of her work, and generate ideas for development.

Balancing her role as a businesswoman with her responsibilities as a mother, she typically dedicates ten hours a day to her work. However, even during her personal time, her mind is constantly seeking ways to improve the functioning of Sankalp Academy.

Additionally, being immersed in the professional realm has a positive impact on her personal life. Kiahra expresses, “The best aspect of this industry is the opportunity to connect with remarkable individuals who have achieved great things in both their personal and professional lives, even against all odds. Working with such inspiring people has always motivated me to become a better and stronger person every day.”

Now aiming for global collaboration, Kiahra and Amit seek to bring diverse perspectives to Sankalp Academy, fostering enhanced learning and growth. They believe that collaborating across borders will help them excel even further.

The Unwavering Support of Family and Spouse in Kiahra’s Journey

Kiahra credits her husband, Amit Punjabi, as her greatest source of inspiration. He introduced her to the industry and ignited her passion to embark on this meaningful venture.

Kiahra considers becoming a mother the most significant and rewarding decision she has ever made. Not only has it brought personal fulfilment, but it has also had a profound impact on her professional life. Drawing from her experiences and knowledge as a mother, she has been inspired to create her most successful program to date, “Build the Home Team.”

When asked about the key to their success, Kiahra acknowledges the pivotal role played by their family. Throughout their journey, they encountered numerous young individuals whose main hurdle was gaining their family’s alignment and support to pursue their dreams. In Kiahra’s case, her family provided her with the freedom and unwavering support necessary for her to become the person she is today.

Challenges that Come Along with Leadership

Kiahra highlights the significant challenge of heightened attention and increased pressure that comes with leadership roles. She believes that both men and women receive equal recognition for their accomplishments once they attain a certain position.

However, female leaders often face additional pressure due to the perception of a male-dominated world and the questions surrounding how to navigate this reality. While this challenge can be viewed from both positive and negative perspectives, Kiahra has learned that pressure always presents opportunities. Success, she emphasises, is the outcome of effectively leveraging these opportunities.



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