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Celebrating the Triumph of 10 Instagram Reel Innovators Following the TikTok Era


In the transformative landscape of India’s digital realm in 2020, the ban on TikTok by the government created a void that numerous content creators were eager to fill. One platform that rose to the occasion was Instagram, introducing its innovative feature called “Reels.” This fresh avenue provided a canvas for imaginative minds to express themselves, leading many TikTok creators to seamlessly transition to Instagram to continue their creative journey. This blog takes a detailed look at the top 10 Instagram Reel creators who not only adapted but thrived during this transition, leaving an indelible mark on the social media stage.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani: A Multifaceted Luminary

From her beginnings in the TV show ‘Dill Mill Gayye,’ Jannat Zubair Rahmani rapidly established herself as an influencer, content creator, and actress. Her journey led her to the lead role in ‘Phulwa,’ earning her accolades like the “Indian Telly Award” and “Boroplus Gold Award.”

Anushka Sen: A Dynamic Actor and Instagram Dynamo

Anushka Sen effortlessly transitioned from her debut in ‘Yahan Mai Ghar Ghar Kheli’ to impactful roles in ‘Devon ke Dev…Mahadev’ and ‘Baal Veer.’ She extended her influence to the silver screen with movies like ‘Crazy Cukkad Family’ and ‘Lihaaf: The Quilt.’

Avneet Kaur: A Multitalented Sensation

Avneet Kaur, a standout actor and top Instagrammer, began her journey on ‘Dance India Dance Li’l Masters.’ She further captivated audiences with TV shows like ‘Mardaani 2’ and ‘Luv Ki Arrange Marriage,’ showcasing her charismatic Instagram presence.

Faisal Shaikh: Evolving from TikTok Sensation to Actor

Faisal Shaikh’s rise to fame through TikTok’s lip-sync videos carried over to Instagram, propelling him to become one of India’s highest-paid influencers and a promising actor.

Sayyed Arishfa Khan: Blending Acting and Influence Seamlessly

Sayyed Arishfa Khan, known for her TV roles in series like ‘Chhal- Sehh Aur Maat’ and ‘Jeannie and Juju,’ ventured into entrepreneurship with her makeup brand, Mishey Me Cosmetics, alongside her presence as a top Instagram influencer.

Awez Darbar: The Dynamo of Dance and Entertainment

Awez Darbar’s multifaceted talent shone through in dance, travel, and entertainment content. His music videos and collaborations with brands like Amazon Fashion India secured his place among the top Instagram influencers.

Riyaz Aly: A Smooth Transition from TikTok to Instagram Stardom

Riyaz Aly seamlessly translated his TikTok charisma to Instagram, rapidly ascending to the ranks of India’s top Instagrammers with a vast following and remarkable engagement rates.

Bhuvan Bam: Exemplifying Versatility

Bhuvan Bam, a YouTube influencer, conquered Instagram with his comedic genius. His diverse comedy, singing, and acting talents made him a prominent Indian influencer across platforms.

Garima Chaurasia: From TikTok Fame to Instagram Fashionista

Garima Chaurasia effortlessly embraced Instagram from her TikTok stardom, captivating her audience with fashion-forward content and positive messages.

Siddharth Nigam: Energetic, Youthful Entertainer

Siddharth Nigam, renowned for his acting since childhood, continued to enthral his fans on Instagram Reels with his energetic aerobics, dance, and fitness routines.


The journey from TikTok to Instagram Reels marked a pivotal chapter for these creators. Their adaptability, resilience, and authenticity allowed them to not just survive but thrive in the transition. Their creative prowess has carved a distinctive space in the realm of short-form video content, cementing their position as the driving force behind India’s vibrant and dynamic social media landscape.



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