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August 2023: A Spectrum of Celebrations and Traditions


As the eighth month of the year unfolds, August ushers in a transition period, bidding farewell to summer in the Northern Hemisphere and welcoming winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Named after the esteemed Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, this month witnesses a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations across the globe. August takes on a special significance in India, adorned with many festivals that add vibrant hues to the nation’s cultural canvas. Here, we present a medley of noteworthy festivities and occasions that grace the month of August.

August 15, 2023 – Tuesday

Independence Day – The 15th of August holds profound historical significance for India as it commemorates Independence Day. This national holiday marks the liberation of India from over a century of British colonial rule on August 15, 1947. The day also signifies the partition of India and Pakistan, with Pakistan celebrating its independence on August 14. A cherished tradition, the Prime Minister of India unfurls the national flag at the Red Fort in Delhi, followed by parades, cultural performances, and a surge of patriotic fervour resonating throughout the nation.

August 19, 2023 – Saturday

Hariyali Teej – A celebration of marital harmony and the abundant monsoon season, Hariyali Teej holds deep significance for Hindu married women. Falling on the Tritiya (third day) of the Shukla Paksha in the month of Shravan, this year’s Hariyali Teej falls on August 19, 2023. Married women observe a fast on this day to bestow longevity and happiness upon their husbands. “Hariyali” symbolises the lush greenery that envelops the surroundings during the monsoons. This festival carries immense cultural and religious importance, commemorating the divine union of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

August 21, 2023 – Monday

Nag Panchami – A unique and auspicious festival, Nag Panchami revolves around the reverence of snakes through the offering of milk. Celebrated on the fifth day of the holy month of Shravan, according to the Hindu calendar, this year’s Nag Panchami falls on August 21, 2023. During this festival, people seek blessings for the well-being of their families. The veneration of snakes holds profound meaning in Hindu mythology, symbolising respect for the diverse forms of nature.

August 29, 2023 – Tuesday

Onam/Thiruvonam – Onam, the heartwarming festival of Kerala, weaves numerous traditions and cultural expressions together. Honouring the return of the legendary demon king Mahabali and serving as a harvest festival, Onam envelops the state in a vibrant atmosphere of cultural activities, artistic performances, feasting, and pure joy. Celebrated in the month of Chingam, this year’s Onam/Thiruvonam falls on August 29, 2023. Kerala comes alive with floral decorations, traditional attire, boat races, music, dance, and a profound sense of unity.

August 30, 2023 – Wednesday

Raksha Bandhan – A festival that embodies the bond of protection and affection among siblings, Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the hearts of Indians. Celebrated on the final day of the Shravan month, this year’s Raksha Bandhan falls on August 30, 2023. Sisters tie vibrant threads (rakhis) around their brothers’ wrists, and brothers reciprocate with gifts and promises to safeguard their sisters. Known by various names across India, Raksha Bandhan epitomises enduring sibling relationships that transcend time.


August’s essence is intricately woven into a tapestry of festivals that pay homage to India’s history, culture, and spiritual essence. These celebrations epitomise the unity in diversity that defines the nation, offering joy, introspection, and connection for individuals across diverse regions and communities.



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