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Nalini Singh: A Pioneer in Indian Journalism and Media


Born on September 1, 1945, Nalini Singh stands as a revered figure in Indian journalism, celebrated for her illustrious career and significant contributions to the media landscape. With a diverse professional journey spanning broadcasting and publishing, Singh has left an indelible imprint on the industry.

Early Roots and Family Background

Nalini Singh’s roots can be traced back to a family deeply involved in social causes and journalism. The daughter of H. D. Shourie, a prominent consumer rights activist, she shares familial ties with distinguished journalists Deepak Shourie and Arun Shourie, further enriching the family’s legacy in the field.

Career Highlights

A prominent figure on Doordarshan, Nalini Singh showcased her talent as an anchor on various current affairs programs. Her investigative journalism show, ‘Aankhon Dekhi,’ earned widespread acclaim for its comprehensive coverage of pressing issues. Another noteworthy achievement is the creation of ‘Hello Zindagi,’ a show she crafted for Doordarshan and aired in 1995.

Beyond her on-camera presence, Singh plays pivotal roles behind the scenes. Serving as the Managing Director of TV Live India Pvt Ltd and the Managing Editor of News Channel Nepal-1, she significantly contributes to the strategic and editorial aspects of media organisations.

Personal Life and Lasting Legacy

Nalini Singh’s family connections extend beyond journalism; she is the daughter-in-law of Sir Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh, the former Governor of Uttar Pradesh and the first Indian Ambassador to Nepal. Her daughter, Ratna Vira, has made a mark as an author, sparking speculation about the autobiographical elements in her novel, ‘Daughter by Court Order.’ In interviews, Ratna has shed light on the complexities of her relationship with her mother.

Selected Bibliography

In addition to her broadcasting achievements, Nalini Singh is a published author. In 1980, she co-authored ‘Women’s Quest for Power: Five Indian Case Studies’ with Devaki Jain and Malini Chand, providing valuable insights into power dynamics from a female perspective.

Nalini Singh’s enduring impact on Indian journalism and her dedication to investigative reporting have firmly established her as a trailblazer, inspiring generations of journalists to follow in her footsteps.



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