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Shereen Bhan: Shaping the Landscape of Indian Journalism and Business Reporting


Born on August 20, 1976, Shereen Bhan is a prominent Indian journalist and news anchor, currently serving as the Managing Editor at CNBC-TV18. With a career spanning over two decades, Bhan has been instrumental in shaping the terrain of business journalism in India, with an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Early and Personal Background

Hailing from a Kashmiri Hindu family of the Bhan clan, Shereen Bhan received her education at Kendriya Vidyalaya in Kashmir and later at Air Force Bal Bharati School in New Delhi. Holding a degree in Philosophy from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, she pursued her master’s in Communication Studies from the University of Pune, specialising in film and television.

Career Journey

Bhan’s journey into journalism began as a news researcher for Karan Thapar at Infotainment Television. She later joined UTV’s News and Current Affairs division, where she produced notable shows like “We the People” for Star TV and “Line of Fire” for SAB TV. A pivotal moment in her career unfolded when she joined CNBC-TV18 in December 2000.

Throughout the years, Bhan has played a crucial role in breaking news stories that have left a lasting impact on India’s economic landscape. Her expertise in tracking corporate and policy news has established her as a respected figure in business journalism. As the anchor and editor of “Young Turks,” a long-standing show focused on entrepreneurs, and the host of “Overdrive,” a show recognised with the ‘Best Auto Show’ award at the News Television Awards for three consecutive years, Bhan has showcased her versatility.

Beyond traditional news reporting, Shereen Bhan’s influence extends to heading CNBC-TV18’s special feature programming. She has presented pioneering shows such as “Ministers of Change” and “What Women Really Want.” Her unwavering commitment to quality journalism is evident in the accolades she has received, including the ‘Best Business Talk Show’ at the News Television Awards and the ‘FICCI Woman of the Year’ award in 2005.

Noteworthy Awards and Acknowledgments

  • FICCI Woman of the Year (2005)
  • Featured in the list of 20 Beautiful Faces by Femina (2005)
  • Verve magazine cover feature (December 2008)
  • Recognised among the 50 Most Beautiful Women in Vogue (October 2008)
  • Acknowledged as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum (2009)
  • Nominee for Best News Presenter or Anchor at the 26th Asian Television Awards (2021)


In conclusion, Shereen Bhan’s journey from a news researcher to the Managing Editor of CNBC-TV18 reflects her unwavering dedication, exceptional expertise, and substantial contributions to Indian journalism. Recognised for her influential role in business reporting and special feature programming, she stands as a trailblazer and an inspirational figure for aspiring journalists across the country. Shereen Bhan remains at the forefront of shaping the future of Indian media, driven by her commitment to excellence and passion for delivering impactful news stories.



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