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ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Schedule: Dates and Host Venues


Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are counting down the days to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which is scheduled to kick off on October 5. The anticipation is building as defending champions England prepare to face last edition’s runner-up, New Zealand, in the tournament’s inaugural match at the iconic Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. Brace yourself for a series of high-octane clashes, intense rivalries, and unforgettable moments that will leave an indelible mark on the annals of cricketing history.

Here’s the in-depth schedule of all the matches:

World Cup Schedule 2023

England vs New ZealandThur, Oct 5, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
Pakistan vs NetherlandsFri, Oct 6, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
Bangladesh vs AfghanistanSat, Oct 7, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
South Africa vs Sri LankaSat, Oct 7, 202302:00 PMDelhi
India vs AustraliaSun, Oct 8, 202302:00 PMChennai
New Zealand vs NetherlandsMon, Oct 9, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
England vs BangladeshTue, Oct 10, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
Pakistan vs Sri LankaTue, Oct 10, 202302:00 PMHyderabad
India vs AfghanistanWed, Oct 11, 202302:00 PMDelhi
Australia vs South AfricaThur, Oct 12, 202302:00 PMLucknow
New Zealand vs BangladeshFri, Oct 13, 202302:00 PMChennai
India vs PakistanSat, Oct 14, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
England vs AfghanistanSun, Oct 15, 202302:00 PMDelhi
Australia vs Sri LankaMon, Oct 16, 202302:00 PMLucknow
South Africa vs NetherlandsTue, Oct 17, 202302:00 PMDharamsala
New Zealand vs AfghanistanWed, Oct 18, 202302:00 PMChennai
India vs BangladeshThur, Oct 19, 202302:00 PMPune
Australia vs PakistanFri, Oct 20, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
Netherlands vs Sri LankaSat, Oct 21, 202310:30 AMLucknow
England vs South AfricaSat, Oct 21, 202302:00 PMMumbai
India vs New ZealandSun, Oct 22, 202302:00 PMDharamsala
Pakistan vs AfghanistanMon, Oct 23, 202302:00 PMChennai
South Africa vs BangladeshTue, Oct 24, 202302:00 PMMumbai
Australia vs NetherlandsWed, Oct 25, 202302:00 PMDelhi
England vs Sri LankaThur, Oct 26, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
Pakistan vs South AfricaFri, Oct 27, 202302:00 PMChennai
Australia vs New ZealandSat, Oct 28, 202310:30 AMDharamsala
Netherlands vs BangladeshSat, Oct 28, 202302:00 PMKolkata
India vs EnglandSun, Oct 29, 202302:00 PMLucknow
Afghanistan vs Sri LankaMon, Oct 30, 202302:00 PMPune
Pakistan vs BangladeshTue, Oct 31, 202302:00 PMKolkata
New Zealand vs South AfricaWed, Nov 1, 202302:00 PMPune
India vs Sri LankaThur, Nov 2, 202302:00 PMMumbai
Netherlands vs AfghanistanFri, Nov 3, 202302:00 PMLucknow
New Zealand vs PakistanSat, Nov 4, 202310:30 AMBengaluru
England vs AustraliaSat, Nov 4, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
India vs South AfricaSun, Nov 5, 202302:00 PMKolkata
Bangladesh vs Sri LankaMon, Nov 6, 202302:00 PMDelhi
Australia vs AfghanistanTue, Nov 7, 202302:00 PMMumbai
England vs NetherlandsWed, Nov 8, 202302:00 PMPune
New Zealand vs Sri LankaThur, Nov 9, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
South Africa vs AfghanistanFri, Nov 10, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad
Australia vs BangladeshSat, Nov 11, 202310:30 AMPune
England vs PakistanSat, Nov 11, 202302:00 PMKolkata
India vs NetherlandsSun, Nov 12, 202302:00 PMBengaluru
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Wed, Nov 15, 202302:00 PMMumbai
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Thur, Nov 16, 202302:00 PMKolkata
T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Sun, Nov 19, 202302:00 PMAhmedabad

Use this extensive schedule to set your calendars and get ready for an unmissable cricketing spectacle. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 guarantees thrilling moments and unforgettable clashes that will keep fans enthralled right up to the grand finale on November 19. Prepare for a cricketing extravaganza that will be truly unparalleled!



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