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Farah Nathani Menzies: Revolutionising Child Nutrition with The Mumum Co.


The entrepreneurial journey often commences with the identification of a problem and the audacity to seek a solution. Farah Nathani Menzies, one of the co-founders of The Mumum Company, embodies this entrepreneurial spirit. Collaborating with her partner, Shreya Lamba, she embarked on a mission to address a prevalent concern – the scarcity of nutritious snacks for children. The Mumum Company stands as a testament to the determination and innovative problem-solving capabilities of these mothers turned entrepreneurs.

A Mother’s Vision

Farah Nathani Menzies, a dedicated mother herself, confronted a universal challenge faced by parents globally – the struggle to find wholesome snacks for their children. Existing snacks in the market often harboured preservatives and excessive sugar, falling short of the nourishing options desired for her own kids. In response to this dilemma, Farah decided to transform her vision into a reality and take control.

In her quest to formulate a healthier alternative for children, she found a like-minded collaborator in Shreya Lamba, another mother with a shared vision. Together, they embarked on a mission to provide nutritious and wholesome snacks for children, birthing The Mumum Company in 2017.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Introducing a new product from scratch is a formidable undertaking. Thorough research is imperative to ensure that the product caters to the taste and nutritional requirements of the intended audience. Farah, the driving force behind the venture, took on the responsibility of gauging whether children would embrace the taste of the snack.

Shreya played an indispensable role in this journey. Her extensive network of mothers enabled them to connect with a diverse group of women. Spreading the word about their product, they gathered invaluable feedback on its reception by children. This collaborative effort ensured that the product they were developing genuinely aligned with the expectations and preferences of both mothers and their kids.

The culmination of their efforts resulted in the creation of “Crunchies,” a puff snack crafted from nutritious ingredients such as jowar, ragi, and corn, widely available in the Indian market. They also introduced a natural fruit-based drink, offering a healthier alternative to the artificial sweeteners often present in traditional soft drinks.

A Taste of Success

Presently, the snacks born out of Farah and Shreya’s vision are accessible in numerous stores across major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. Their reach extends through online platforms like FirstCry and Amazon, ensuring their products reach a broader audience.

The journey of The Mumum Company, characterised by passion and collaboration, serves as a testament to the strength of mothers as entrepreneurs. Farah and Shreya have shattered stereotypes that often pressure women to choose between motherhood and a career. Instead, they have embraced motherhood as a wellspring of inspiration and established a business that complements their roles as mothers.


Farah Nathani Menzies’ narrative, intertwined with Shreya Lamba’s partnership, is an extraordinary example of the potential women possess in the realm of entrepreneurship. Their journey underscores that mothers can pursue their careers without compromise. By being inventive and seizing opportunities, women can not only excel in their professional endeavours but also contribute to the well-being of their families and other mothers.

The Mumum Company, rooted in the conviction that healthier snack options for children are imperative, has flourished due to the determination, creativity, and passionate collaboration of its founders. This serves as a shining example of how the entrepreneurial spirit can usher in positive change for many lives. Farah and Shreya’s success is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and mothers globally, illustrating that the path to success is paved with innovation, tenacity, and a commitment to making a difference.



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