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Ram Mandir 2024  Inauguration: Ayodhya’s Remarkable Progress and PM Modi’s Call for Deepawali Festivities on January 22, 2024


In a significant moment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled ambitious projects, inaugurating key infrastructure in Ayodhya to propel the ancient pilgrim town into a Smart City. Highlights include a new airport and railway station, connecting Ayodhya globally, anticipating increased visitors upon the completion of the Ram temple.

Celebrating Deepawali

During a rally, PM Modi invited the nation to celebrate Deepawali on January 22, 2024, coinciding with the Ram temple’s consecration ceremony. He encouraged households to light the Ram Jyoti, emphasising the historical importance of this event.

Balancing Crowds and Development

Expressing excitement for the consecration ceremony, Modi urged caution against overcrowding on January 22. Assuring ongoing development projects, he pledged thousands of crores to enhance infrastructure, preparing for the surge in visitors.

Cosmic Significance of Ram Mandir Inauguration

The pinnacle of Ayodhya’s transformation is the Ram temple’s inauguration on January 22, 2024. Beyond a calendar event, this date holds cosmic significance with celestial alignments, auspicious timings, and divine omens converging.

Auspicious Timings and Alignments

The consecration, during the Abhijit Muhurat on January 22, 2024, aligns with the pure Mrigashira Nakshatra, linked to the deity Soma. The positive influence extends until January 23, 2024. Abhijit Muhurat, considered highly auspicious, aligns with new endeavours, emphasising its significance in Hindu astrology on a Monday.

Astrological Factors and Planning

The chosen Aries ascendant, known for stability, is justified by Jupiter’s placement in the ninth house, ensuring stability. The Sun’s positioning in the tenth house suggests political strength, possibly linked to the BJP and PM Narendra Modi.

Projects and Opportunities

PM Modi assured Ayodhya’s growth, highlighting ongoing projects to enhance infrastructure and generate employment opportunities. Various sectors, including transportation, hospitality, and small businesses, stand to benefit.


Ayodhya’s transformation goes beyond physical development, aligning with cosmic forces during the Ram temple’s inauguration on January 22, 2024. Symbolising a blend of heritage and development, this historic event promises prosperity for Ayodhya and its people in the years to come.



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