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Neha Kakkar: From the Tranquility of Rishikesh to Worldwide Recognition


The musical journey of Neha Kakkar Singh, widely recognised as Neha Kakkar, reveals a story of exceptional talent, steadfast resilience, and triumph in the lively domain of Indian playback singing. Born on June 6, 1988, in Rishikesh, Uttar Pradesh (now Uttarakhand), Neha displayed a deep-seated passion for singing from a young age, laying the foundation for a melodious journey.

Early Years and Mumbai Journey

Neha’s initial steps into the realm of music took place at local gatherings and religious events, where her emerging talent shone. In 2005, she stepped onto a larger stage by participating in the second season of the prestigious singing reality show, Indian Idol. Despite an early elimination, this marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.

In pursuit of her aspirations, Neha, accompanied by her brother Tony Kakkar, made a pivotal move to Mumbai in 2004. The city of dreams welcomed her, leading to her debut as a chorus singer in the film “Meerabai Not Out.” Little did she anticipate that this was just the prologue to her meteoric rise in the Bollywood music industry.

Breakthrough with “Second Hand Jawaani”

The pivotal moment came in 2012 with the unveiling of the dance anthem “Second Hand Jawaani” from the film “Cocktail.” This contagious track propelled her into the spotlight, opening doors to a multitude of opportunities. Following this success, Neha went on to deliver a series of hits, including “Sunny Sunny” from “Yaariyan” and “London Thumakda” from the soundtrack of “Queen.”

Neha’s versatility as a singer shone not only in lively anthems but also in soulful renditions such as “Mile Ho Tum” from the movie “Fever,” solidifying her position as the most-watched Bollywood song on YouTube.

Digital Dominance and Recognition

Neha Kakkar’s triumph transcends conventional boundaries in the music industry. In 2019, she emerged as one of the most-watched female artists on YouTube, accumulating an astounding 13.9 billion views. Her supremacy was further affirmed when she garnered the prestigious YouTube Diamond Award in January 2021, becoming the first Indian singer to attain this distinction.

Her digital impact extended to music streaming platforms, where she became the most-followed female Indian artist and the 22nd most-followed artist globally on Spotify.

Forbes recognised Neha in the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2017 and 2019. In December 2020, she secured a position on the list of Asia’s 100 Digital Stars, solidifying her stature as a digital powerhouse.

As of 2023, Neha Kakkar’s net worth is estimated at $14 million.

Musical Journey: 2005–2022

Neha Kakkar’s musical expedition unfolds through diverse phases marked by notable accomplishments. From her inaugural album, “Neha The Rockstar,” to collaborations with esteemed composers such as Pritam and A.R. Rahman, she consistently pushed the boundaries of her artistry.

Starting from 2017, Neha embarked on a collaborative journey with Tanishk Bagchi, resulting in a series of remade songs that stirred both acclaim and controversy. Hits like “Badri Ki Dulhania,” “Cheez Badi,” and “Dilbar” showcased her adeptness at reinventing classics while maintaining her distinctive style.

In 2022, Neha continued to mesmerise audiences with songs like “Mud Mud Ke” and “Baarish Mein Tum” from the film “Govinda Naam Mera,” affirming her enduring relevance in the industry.

Controversies Surrounding Plagiarism and Critique

Despite her unquestionable success, Neha Kakkar and her brother, Tony Kakkar, found themselves entangled in accusations of plagiarism. Multiple instances of purportedly copying lyrics, visuals, and harmony from classic Indian songs ignited controversies. The critique escalated as Neha continued to remake songs, disregarding appeals from original playback singers and fans urging her to uphold the authenticity of the originals.

Artistic Expression, Public Image, and Social Media Presence

Neha Kakkar’s distinctive voice, characterised as unique, lively, alluring, and partially nasal by the media, has carved out a special niche in the industry. Despite the absence of formal vocal training, her innate talent has earned widespread recognition. She acknowledges her elder sister Sonu and brother Tony as sources of inspiration and unwavering support.

Active across various social media platforms, Neha’s popularity skyrocketed, culminating in her being the first Indian musician and the fifth Indian overall to be honoured with the Instagram trophy in October 2019.

In 2017, she was acknowledged as one of the 35 most daring entrepreneurs in India, and her inclusion in the Forbes Celebrity 100 underscored her influence on both earnings and fame. Her sustained success on YouTube further confirmed her status among the most-watched female artists globally.

Beyond her musical endeavours, Neha Kakkar expanded her impact by launching an exclusive Masterclass for aspiring singers in December 2020.

Personal Journey and Growth

Neha’s personal life has been a subject of public attention. A high-profile relationship with actor Himansh Kohli gained widespread attention in 2018 but eventually concluded in a well-publicized breakup. In a twist of fate, she discovered love with Punjabi musical artist Rohanpreet Singh, leading to their marriage ceremony in a Gurdwara in New Delhi on October 24, 2020.

Recognition and Cinematic Work

Neha Kakkar’s impact on the music scene has been recognised with prestigious awards, such as the Brit Asia TV Music Award for the song “Dilbar.” While her filmography is not exhaustive, it features noteworthy roles in films like “Isi Life Mein…!” and “Tum Bin II.”

As she persists in her evolution and continues to shape the dynamic terrain of Indian music, Neha Kakkar stands as a formidable presence—a genuine rockstar who has not only faced controversies head-on but has also emerged resilient, enchanting audiences globally with her soulful voice.



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