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Triveni Acharya: A Beacon in the Battle Against Sex Trafficking


Triveni Acharya, an Indian journalist and activist based in Mumbai, has emerged as a prominent figure in the relentless struggle against sex trafficking. Her steadfast commitment to this cause has earned her both national and international acclaim, positioning her as a symbol of hope for survivors of human trafficking. Her estimated net worth is $1 million.

The Rescue Foundation and Its Humanitarian Mission

Triveni Acharya’s life took a significant turn when she assumed the presidency of the Rescue Foundation, an anti-sex-trafficking organisation founded by her late husband, Balkrishna Acharya. Since its inception, the foundation has been dedicated to the “rescue, rehabilitation, and repatriation of victims of human trafficking from various regions of India, Nepal & Bangladesh, who are coerced into forced prostitution.” The foundation’s impactful initiatives include regular brothel raids, liberating around 300 girls each year from the clutches of sex trafficking.

Challenges and Threats in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Triveni Acharya’s courageous efforts in combating sex trafficking expose her to significant risks, as traffickers frequently retaliate with threats and violence. The Rescue Foundation’s bold brothel raids, resulting in financial setbacks and legal repercussions for traffickers, have made Acharya a prime target for those invested in sustaining this illicit trade. Confronting numerous death threats, Acharya remains resolute, and unwavering in her commitment to securing justice for victims and dismantling the networks that facilitate the heinous crime of human trafficking.

Awards and Accolades in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Triveni Acharya’s remarkable dedication to combating sex trafficking has earned her widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally. In 2008, under her leadership, the Rescue Foundation received the Stree Shakti Award for Women Entrepreneurs. The subsequent year brought further honour when Taiwanese President Ma Ying-Jeou presented Acharya with the Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award, along with a substantial cash grant of US$100,000. Notably, the nomination for this award originated from a trafficking survivor whose life was positively impacted by the Foundation.

In 2011, Triveni Acharya herself was bestowed with the prestigious Civil Courage Prize by The Train Foundation. This annual award celebrates individuals who courageously combat injustice, and Acharya shared this honour with Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, a Mexican journalist recognised for her advocacy against sex trafficking, domestic violence, and child pornography. The accolades continued in 2013 when Triveni became the Humanitarian Honoree of the World of Children Award, securing a $75,000 cash grant to further the crucial work of the Rescue Foundation.


In conclusion, Triveni Acharya’s resolute commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of sex trafficking stands as a testament to the transformative impact of dedicated activism. Leading the Rescue Foundation with unwavering determination, Acharya’s numerous accolades and awards underscore the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing the pervasive challenge of human trafficking. Her role as a beacon of hope continues to inspire change, making a substantial contribution to the ongoing global fight against sex trafficking.



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