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Masaba Gupta: Pioneering Artistry, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship


Masaba Gupta, an accomplished Indian fashion designer and actress, has intricately woven her distinctive mark in the realms of fashion and entertainment. Through her avant-garde label, House of Masaba, she has revolutionised Indian fashion by seamlessly amalgamating contemporary and traditional elements. This exploration delves into the compelling life and career of Masaba Gupta, encompassing her journey of self-discovery, design philosophy, and her venture into the luxury gourmet sector.

Early Life and Personal Odyssey

The intriguing saga of Masaba Gupta commenced in 1989 when she entered the world, born to Indian actress Neena Gupta and West Indies cricket legend Viv Richards. Raised in Mumbai, her unconventional upbringing, with her mother as the primary caregiver and her grandfather as a guiding figure, imbued resilience and strength.

Masaba’s initial aspirations of becoming a tennis player took a turn at 16 when her deep passion for dance and music emerged. Although she faced discouragement, she pursued education in London, reflecting a period of homesickness and introspection. Returning to Mumbai, she continued her education at SNDT Women’s University, encountering racial challenges that fueled her determination to surmount barriers in her chosen path.

Career Trajectory and Design Aesthetics

Embarking on her fashion odyssey at 19 with mentorship from designer Wendell Rodricks, Masaba Gupta unveiled her inaugural collection, “Kattran” or “Miniature bits of fabric.” Her design ethos, marked by creativity and uniquely named collections, distinguishes her work. Collections like “Wanderess” (Lakme Fashion Week 2014) showcase her penchant for narrative-inspired designs.

Masaba Gupta’s design aesthetic is a fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, often leaning towards modernity. Renowned for ethnic women’s wear, she utilises diverse materials such as silk, chiffon, cotton, and intricate embroidery. Unconventional prints, feminine drapes, and innovative silhouettes define her celebrated work, commended for infusing “unique Indianness in a very modern context.”

Her collaborations, including the unrealised Maybelline venture and Levi’s trucker jacket redesigns, underscore her innovative spirit. She holds the distinction of conducting the first Indian designer fashion show via Instagram, emphasising the role of technology in her brand’s success.

In a bid for inclusivity, she launched a hijab-saree line in 2018, aiming to cater to Muslim women aspiring to embrace Indian high fashion.

Masaba Masaba and Acting Career

Netflix’s “Masaba Masaba” (2019) marked a pivotal moment, offering a semi-fictional lens into Masaba Gupta’s world of fashion and film. Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, the series stars Masaba Gupta and her mother, Neena Gupta.

Business Ventures and Luxury Gourmet Sector

Venturing beyond fashion, Masaba Gupta invested in Food Square in 2023, a luxury gourmet retail brand. The investment reflects her diverse interests and astute business acumen.

Personal Life and Achievements

Masaba Gupta’s personal journey, marked by a transformative marriage, separation, and subsequent marriage in 2023, mirrors her resilience and growth. Her commitment to pushing fashion boundaries, unique design philosophy, and foray into the luxury gourmet sector showcase her versatility and entrepreneurial prowess.


Masaba Gupta stands as a trailblazer in fashion, entertainment, and entrepreneurship. From navigating personal struggles to ascending as a celebrated designer and actress, her narrative resonates as an inspiration. Her dedication to redefining Indian fashion, innovative design philosophy, and explorations into diverse sectors underscore her as an icon shaping the industry’s landscape. As Masaba Gupta continues to explore new horizons, her journey epitomises creativity, resilience, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.



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